Friday, November 9, 2007

Tyra Banks has a vulva puppet!

This is too good, folks. A great educational clip to send to your teenage boys and girls to inform them all about what a girl's vulva looks like.

How old were you, female readers, when you finally realized you didn't pee out of your vagina?

Happy Friday and weekend watching!

Thanks to the folks at the Voices of American Sexuality blog for the head's-up about this video!


Alice said...

I never thought I peed out of my vagina; however, I was eight before I found out I had a vagina. It was when they passed out those "You're going to start menstruating, and BTW you should buy Always brand pads" booklets at school.

Dorian said...

This is so great! I want every young female teen to get one of these! This is the way to practice insertion of tampons, insertion of diaphrams, insertion of cups, etc. This is perfect.